The Number Savvy System™

The Number Savvy System™

The Number Savvy System™ has been designed with all the necessary Numerology knowledge and presented in a simple and easy to use way to discover ourselves, where we are in our journey, and most importantly, how to get in flow with our own vibrations to get what we want.


The first 2 steps are included in the Number Savvy Foundation Reading, where you will discover your Vibrational Blueprint™, which are your 6 Core Numbers that make up who you are from your name and your date of birth. You will find out your purpose, destiny, traits, talents and tendencies and what you are here to experience. You will discover where you are in your Personal Year Cycle™ and the energies that are influencing your present including where you are in your 9-year cycle and how to utilize these energies. You will also get a glimpse into your past and future energy influencers too.

The 3rd step is a Number Savvy Business Program which is where we look indepth into your energies so you can plan your business. This helps you take uncertainty out of your business decisions by being able to plan your business processes ahead of time. You will know, for example, the best times that clients will be more receptive to your product and/or service and the best times market your business and much more.

There are 2 Number Savvy Programs to best suit you and will help you continue to understand and work with your personal energies to get the most success from your business after your Number Savvy Foundation Reading.

This exciting new way to put yourself in control of your business heralds a long-awaited time where making life and business decisions has now become easier. The Number Savvy System™ is a brand new way of looking at how we operate and how we connect with the world through energy vibrations.

Quantum Physics has shown us this invisible world and now with this information we can utilize every day of our lives by knowing how we are influenced by energies and how we can make the most from them to get the business and the life we want.

WATCH Catherine Watkin, Founder of Selling From The Heart, talk about how the Number Savvy System™ can bring business success. Click below. 


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Emily R Hughes

Award-winning Transformative Numerologist and Creator of the Number Savvy System™



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